Xiaomi launch MIUI 12 latest update and best new feature

Xiaomi launch MIUI 12 latest update and best new feature


Xiaomi MIUI 12 is a user interface, it has been launched in the hall itself with premium updates, which includes the latest futures.

MIUI 12 is a user interface of Xiaomi. Different smartphone companies have their own user interface, such as…

The first update of MIUI 12 latest update will be seen exclusively on the Redmi Not 7, Redmi Not 7 Pro, Redmi Not 8, Redmi Not 8 Pro, Redmi Not 9, Redmi Not 9 Pro.

Xiaomi MIUI 12 New Future

  • Refreshed UI
  • Intuitive Visuals
  • Super Wallpaper
  • Built-in App Drawer
  • New Camera UI
  • Improved Productivity Features

This new update will include a new weather app showing real-life weather conditions. The company has also claimed that they have created an enhanced animation framework in it. Which makes the user interface smooth. This is done by Xiaomi with the help of advanced animation, rendering animation and physical animation.

The company has also upgraded the control center and notification shade on the home screen. In particular, this new feature also includes ‘Super Wallpaper’, in which Xiaomi has used images from the American Space Agency NASA. The company will feature animated wallpapers showing the actual surface of the moon, Mars and Earth.

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