Google has launched ‘Kormo Jobs’ app to employ thousands of people in India, which you can easily login by following 3 steps.

Google launched ‘Kormo Jobs’ app in Bangladesh in 2018. After that it launched the app in Indonesia.

Now Google has announced thousands of people to learn entry-level jobs and skills during the time of this corona virus epidemic. Google launched this app in India on August 18 on Google Play Store. Which has been downloaded more than 1 million times in two days.

The Kormo Jobs App helps in posting new jobs or learning new skills and creating Cvs in addition to posting or hiring jobs. Google made this app available in India as a spot on its payment application ‘Google Pay’ as a brand job. Big companies like Zomato and Dunzo in India have also posted more than 2 million jobs on this platform.

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Follow only 3 steps to login this app

  • Login Gmail Id
  • Field Selection (Only Three Field)
  • Work Location

Google’s only goal to launch this app is “to provide jobs to thousands of people who have lost jobs during this corona virus epidemic. And are looking for new jobs. And those who are already looking for jobs Have to give a new job to thousands of such people.