Xiaomi’s Best Portable water Fan, whose battery lasts for 12 hours

  • Xiaomi’s portable Water fan Doco Ultrasonic Dry Misting Fan.
  • This fan is currently available on Xiaomi’s Youpin website.
  • The price of this fan is 69 Chinese Yuan (about 740 rupees).

How is the portable water fan doco ultrasonic dry misting fan?

This fan is a portable fan. Whose size is very small, and it is also very light in weight. The special thing about this fan is that this fan is used in two ways like a normal fan and like a cooler. If you want to use it like a Cooler, then a hole has been given in this fan, in which water is filled, which also gives you more cold with air.

This fan has a brushless motor, which is powered by DC power. The company claims that this motor runs with long usage and does not heat up. You can also buy it from www.giztop.com.

How is the design of this fan

The design of this fan is unique and the size of the fan is quite small. It weighs 155 grams. Not only this, the company also gives you a vertical stand with this fan so that you can erect it anywhere easily. You can take it with you in traveling because this fan easily fits into the bag. This fan is available in three colors. White, Green and Pink.

How to use it like cooler

It runs on a fan battery, which once charged lasts for 12 hours. The battery of this fan is 2000 mAh. If you want to use it like a cooler, then a small hole has been given on this fan in which water is filled. After filling the water, this fan reduces the temperature by 3 degrees Celsius and gives you more cold.

Xiaomi’s portable fan comes with three gears of wind-speed control. By which you can increase or decrease the air. It gets a rotational speed of 3,200rpm in the first gear, the second gear offers 4,100rpm and the third gear pushes things to 5,100rpm. The company has claimed that it runs for 12 hours in first gear, 9 hours in second gear, and 3.4 hours in third gear.

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