What is affiliate marketing, how smart people earn $ 2000 a month from affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing and how people are earning millions of rupees per month sitting at home. Let’s know.

what is affiliate marketing how to make money from it

what is affiliate marketing and how to earn money from it, I will guide you step by step today. In today’s time it has become completely digital.  People are doing most of the work online.  People are moving towards smartwork except hardwork.  Because in today’s time, working online reduces waste of time and also earns more money.  People are earning millions of rupees just by working a few hours online.

In this modern era, online work means the best way to earn money.  Digital technology has advanced to such an extent that people are also doing online shopping, online recharge, transferring money, ordering food online and video editing right from home. So finally today we know how people are making money online.  Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money.  So let’s know what affiliate marketing is.

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There are many companies that are selling online products.  Nowadays selling things online is better than selling in the offline market.  But the company wants their things to be spread to as many people as possible.  For this, companies have started the program of “Affiliate Program”.  Which we know as Affiliate Marketing.

How the Affiliate Program Works

This affiliate program can be any personal people, website, company or any organization join.  If you are not educated or are still working in any field, you can still earn money from it. First of all, you create your own blog or website.  After that you create your account on Affiliate Marketing Related website.  The product link of that website, then called the “Affiliate Link”.  Put it on your website or blog with the description.  If someone clicks on that link and purchases that product, then the company will give you a commission. We call this whole process “Affiliate Marketing”.  Affiliate marketing means selling something online and earning money by commission.

By the way, many national and international companies provide affiliate programs.  You can go to google and search for affiliate program.  In it you will find affiliate programs of all companies.  If you want to do affiliate marketing, then you start your career with these two websites: –

(1) Amazon Affiliate Program
 (2) Flipkart Affiliate Program

This is a simple way of affiliate marketing. But there is another work in it that you will have to increase public on your blog or website. This will mean that you will be able to earn maximum money.

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