Top 5 Best Web Hosting Affiliate Program, Which Gives A Chance To Earn More Than 80,000 Rupees A Month.

These 5 web hosting affiliate programs are such that by joining, you can earn millions of months.

Best web hosting Affiliate program

1. Bluehost
2. Site Ground
3. Host Gator
4. Reseller Club
5. Hostinger

1) Blue Host Affiliate Program

Blue Host is one of the best web hosting Affiliate program.  Blue Host has provided its domain and hosting to over 2 million people so far.  Not only this, Blue Host has paid $ 5 million commission last year itself.  Blue Host was launched in 2003.  He has headquarters in Orem, Utah and the United States.  The Blue Hosts have teams of over 750.  This company provides domains and specifically hosting.These 5 web hosting affiliate programs are such that by joining, you can earn millions of months.

The Blue Host gives a $ 65 commission of referrals.  This is the minimum commission.  If you refer more than one hosting plan a day, then according to that the company will give you a commission.  Not only this, if a customer buys a year or more plan from your affiliate link, then this company will give you Recurring Income.  This commission will continue to give you a commission as long as the plan for the front customer runs.

2) Site Ground Affiliate Program

Site Ground Company is one of the top web hosting companies.  And they are very well known companies.  The company was founded in 2004 in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.  Site Ground offers services such as shared hosting, cloud hosting, enterprise solution and email hosting with domains. 

There are more than 500 employees employed in this company.  If you join the Site Ground Web Hosting Affiliate Program, you will get a weekly commission for it.  Talking about the commission, the more customers you refer to the company, the more commission you will get.  Like,

(1) 1 to 5 Sales/ month – $ 50 for 1 Sale.
(2) 6 to 10 Sales/ month – $ 75 for 1 Sale.
(3) 11 to 20 Sales/ month – $ 100 For 1 Sale.
(4) More than 21 Sale / month – Custom commission.

3) Hostgator Affiliate Program

There is a story behind how Hostgator got started.  Actually, Hostgator’s founder Brent Oxley was at Atlantik University in Florida.  Then for the first time he thought of setting up a company of his own.  Then they decided to buy a domain named Hostgator by creating a website.  Then he got registered in the year 2002 on 22 October.  And 1 February became Hostgator’s 112 active customers by 2003.  The company’s headquarters is currently in Houston, Texas, United States.

Hostgator provides domains and hosting.  These companies are also running Web Hosting affiliate programs.  Let’s know how much commission Hostgator gives.

1. 1 to 5 Sales / month – 65 $
2.  2. 6-10 Sales / month – 75 $
3.  3. 11-20 Sales / month – 100 $
4.  4. 21+ Sale / month – 125 $

4) Reseller Club Affiliate Program

Reseller Club is basically an Indian web hosting company. The company’s web hosting affiliate program is also tremendous. Their affiliate marketing plan is different. And the commission is also good.  Reseller Club has its headquarters in Mumbai.  The CEO of this company is Bhavin Turaknia.  Apart from India, this company has been providing service in 50 countries worldwide.

In Reseller Club, Affiliate Commission will be available according to Indian Rupee.  In this, the commissions are according to different choices.  This includes simple hosting and multi hosting per month.

1) 1-10 Sale / Month Single – 1000 Rs.  Multi – 2000 Rs.
2) 11-20 Sale / Month Single – 1250 Rs.  Multi – 2750 Rs.
3) 21+ Sale Single – 1500 Rs.  Multi – 3500 Rs.

5) Hostinger Affiliate Program

Who doesn’t know Hostinger.  This company is known for offering the cheapest plan.  Hostinger was launched in 2004.  Since 2019, there are 500 employees in this company.  It has headquarters in Kaunas, Lithuania, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Florianópolis, State of Santa Catarina, Brazil.  Hostinger is providing domain and hosting service.  Apart from this, this company also provides many services.

Hostinger is also running Affiliate Program.  It also has its own separate commission plan like all hosting affiliate programs.  Hostinger commissions at least 60% on every sale.

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