Why best Rankmath Plugin is so Beneficial with Yoast SEO Plugin

The Benefits that you will get in Yoast SEO, you will now get free in Rankmath

What is the diffrence between Rankmath and Yoast SEO

24x7x365 Supports                         24x7x365 Supports


               Yoast SEO
Optimal Settings Pre-Selected                                       No
Clean and Simple User Interface                                       No
Simple Setup Wizard                         Simple Setup Wizard
Compatibility Check                                       No
Auto Canonical URLs                         Auto Canconical URLs
LSI Keyword Ranking                                       No
Track Keyword Ranking                                       No
Google Search Console Integrated                                       No
1 Click Import For From Yoast SEO                                      N/a
1 Click Import For From AIO SEO          1 Click Import For From AIO SEO
Import AIO Schema Rich Snippets                                      No
Advanced SEO Analysis Tool                                      No
70+ Detailed SEO Test                                      No
SEO Analysis Score                                      No
SEO Warning                             SEO Warning
SEO Failed Tests                                      No
Automated Image SEO                                      No
Powerful Post Optimization                                      No
Supports Custom Post Type              Supports Custom Post Type
Bulk Edit Titles & Description              Bulk Edit Titles & Description
Post Preview On Google                Post Preview On Google
Content Analysis                       Content Analysis
Control SEO For Single Pages             Control SEO For Single Pages
Control The Title                       Control The Title
Control Meta Description                 Control Meta Description
Auto Add Additional Meta Data                                      No
Focus Keyword                        Focus Keyword
Control Robots Meta                    Control Robots Meta
Choose a Primary Category               Choose a Primary Category
Google Keyword Suggestion                                      No
Optimize Upto 5 Keyword                                      No
Choose Pillar Posts & Pages               Choose Pillar Posts & Pages
Internal Linking Suggestions               Internal Linking Suggestions
Capitalize Titles                                     No
Fix Google Crawl Errors                   Fix Google Crawl Errors
Powerful XML Sitemap                    Powerful XML Sitemap
Module Based System                                     No
Advance Redirection Manager                                     No
Smart & Automatic Post Redirect                                     No
301 Redirection Type                                     No
302 Redirection Type                                     No
307 Redirection Type                                     No
450 Redirection Type                                     No
451 Redirection Type                                     No
Support For Regex                                     No
Debug Redirections                                     No
Redirect Attachments To Parent           Redirect Attachments To Parent
Simple 404 Monitor                                     No
Advanced 404 Monitor                                     No
Role Manager                                     No
16 Google Schema Markup Types                                     No
Article Schema                            Article Schema
Book Schema                                    No
Course Schema                                    No
Event Schema                                    No
Job Posting Schema                                    No
Local Business Schema                                    No
Music Schema                                    No
Person Schema                                    No
Product Schema                                    No
Recipe Schema                                    No
Restaurant Schema                                    No
Review Schema                                    No
Service Schema                                    No
Software/App Schema                                    No
Video Schema                                    No
FAQ Schema                               FAQ Schema
How To Schema                            How To Schema
193 Local Business Types                                   No
Social Media Optimization              Social Media Optimization
Add Overlay Icons On Social Images                                   No
Default OpenGraph Thumbnail            Default OpenGraph Thumbnail
Auto Facebook Open Graph               Auto Facebook Open Graph
Facebook Authorship                   Facebook Authorship
FB Open Graph For Homepage             FB Open Graph For Homepage
Automatic Twitter Meta Cards              Automatic Twitter Meta Cards
Twitter Card For Homepage                                  No
Default Twitter Card Type                  Default Twitter Card Type
Social Previews                                  No
Default Share Image                     Default Share Image
Support For Knowledge Graph             Support For Knowledge Graph
Google+ URL For SERPs                                  No
Linkedin URL For SERPs                                  No
Instagram URL For SERPs                                  No
Youtube URL For SERPs                                  No
Pinterest URL For SERPs                                  No
SoundClound URL For SERPs                                  No
Tumblr URL For SERPs                                  No
Myspace URL For SERPs                                  No
Represent Site as a Person             Represent Site as a Person
Represent Site as a Company              Represent Site as a Company
Choose a Separator Character              Choose a Separator Character
Modify Global Meta                      Modify Global Meta
Strip Category Base                      Strip Category Base
Remove Stopwords From Permalinks  Remove Stopwords From Permalinks
Search Engine Verification Tools           Search Engine Verification Tools
Bing Site Verification                      Bing Site Verification
Baidu Site Verification                      Baidu Site Verification
Alexa Site Verification                                  No
Yandex Site Verification                     Yandex Site Verification
Google Site Verification                     Google Site Verification
Pinterest Site Verification                                  No
Norton Safe Web Site Verification                                  No
SEO Breadcrumbs                                  No
Auto Show Breadcrumbs                                  No
Advanced Link Options                                  No
Nofollow All External Image Links                                  No
Nofollow All External Links                                  No
Open External Links in New Tab                                  No
Ping Search Engines                       Ping Search Engines
Contact Info Shortcode                                  No
Compatible With EDD                       Compatible With EDD
Lines Of Code 32k                                  No
PHP-FIG Coding Standards Used                                  No
Optimize Archive Pages                        Optimize Archive Pages
Optimize Author Archive Pages                                  No
.htaccess Editor                          .htaccess Editor
robots.txt Editor                          robots.txt Editor
Import/Export Settings                      Import/Export Settings
Import/Export Redirections                   Import/Export Redirections
RSS Optimization                         RSS Optimization
Add Content Before RSS Feed               Add Content Before RSS Feed
Add Content After RSS Feed                Add Content After RSS Feed
Version Control                                  No
Detailed Documentation                     Detailed Documentation
Contextual Help                          Contextual Help
Multisite Compatible                      Multisite Compatible

You saw in the box above how the difference between Rankmath and Yoast SEO is visible. Rankmath is currently providing all facilities. But it may also be Paid in the future. If you want to use Rankmath plugin, you can use its free version now. Rankmath plugin is very easy and fast to use.

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