Best wireless power bank powered by sunlight

Best wireless power bank powered by sunlight

This Wireless power bank comes with 26,800 mAh ultra-high capacity. With 2.5X fast charging, this power bank charges your phone up to 50% in 30 minutes.

Best wireless powerbank

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There are two options for charging it, one you can charge it through sunlight or you can also charge it with USB. It is equipped with a noise panel, all you have to do is hang it on your back pack so that it can be recharged with sunlight. It can fully recharge its wireless power bank for 5 to 8 hours via a 5V / 3.0A USB port.

Its design is like your palm, which you can easily keep in your bag or jab. You can charge up to 4 devices in it. Because it has 3 USB ports and a wireless function. Without this power bank, your smartphone can be charged wirelessly without cable. It has a multi-functional LED light that provides better light in the dark of night. This wireless power bank has many amazing futures that will force you to take it. Not only this, this wireless power bank is the best option for the traveling public.

It is power bank splashproof, dustproof, shockproof and water proof which is stronger and durable as an external accessory. This wireless power bank can charge IPhone 11 8 times, Samsung galaxy S10 6 times and IPad mini 3 times at a time.

Talking about its price, this power bank is $ 34.99 (ie about Rs 2,647). Which you can easily buy from

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